Sustainable Earth

Sustainability Issue:  Pandemics
Solution Suggested: Humanitarian Aid
Short Explanation  Humanitarian Aid ends up with lots of people in crowded camps making it very easy for disease to spread.
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How humanitarian is the aid?
In many cases this aid has to carry on for years, if not decades. The people in the camps live a subsistence life with high crime levels. In reality they are de-humanised. The causes
The need for aid is typically caused by by war, droughts and sanctions. It seems that if the WEST does not like a government, then it imposes sanctions, which is just another non-violent way of waging war. A good case in point is what is happening in Afghanistan right now (November 2021): the assets are frozen and many sanctions put in place because the Taliban now rules and the western world does not like the Taliban. These sanctions are immoral but the `elite` try to justify it by saying the Taliban violates human rights. I cannot see a worse violation of human rights than to deprive a whole population of basic needs like food.

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