Sustainable Earth

Sustainability Issue: World Population
Solution Suggested: Fishing Quotas
Short Explanation Fishing quotas will force more people into food insecurity, especially those communities that make their living from fishing.
Full reason for rating.
Fish resources are being depleted.
Sevral coastal communities are already suffering reduced catches with factory ships trawling huge amounts of fish off-shore. As the world population grows, the fishing quotas will have to be increased or the cost of fish increased making it available only to those who can afford it. Even at current quotas many areas are being over exploited.
Diplomatic tensions aver fishing
Tension already exist between various countries over fishing rights. The most recent the disputes between the European Union and United Kingdom. Currently these amount to diplomatic tension, but it could easily develop into wars as these fish resources become scarce.
Alternate Food Sources
Research is being done into alternate food sources (see elsewhere in table), but the only sensible way to make fishing sustainable would seem to be a population reduction.

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