Sustainable Earth

Sustainability Issue: Plastic Pollution
Solution Suggested: Alternate Packaging
Short Explanation Plastic pollution is everywhere. Reduction of plastic
packaging for alternate material must happen as soon as possible.
Full reason for rating.
Universal packaging
Almost every item we buy today (2021) is packaged in some form of plastic, most of it not bio-degradable. This includes polystyrene to clingfilm. In many cases good alternatives are available.
Who carries the cost
Governments put the burden of single=use plastic on the consumer by, for example, putting a tax on plastic bags. This is highly unfair and immoral when manufacturers keep putting drinks in single use plastic bottles, pack their products in excessive amount of polystyrene and do not get forced to improve their packaging.
A lesson in history
When I grew up in the 60`s, drinks were sold in glass bottles. The consumer paid a deposit on the bottle and, when it was returned, got the deposit back. The bottles were re-used many times before they needed replacement. The deposit was a great incentive to return the bottles. This, however, placed responsibility on companies to collect returns and increased the weight of the finished product. It was, however, a fair solution as consumers and manufacturers worked together to recycle the containers. The deposit was not a tax as it was paid back to the consumer when the container was returned.
An even bigger crime
Some products are still sold in glass containers, but no deposit is paid, reducing the incentive for consumers to return the containers and, if the container is returned, it is not re-used, but melted down to make new containers.
The negative impact of `Globalisation`
Globalisation has seriously increased the use of packaging in general and plastic packaging specifically. Forms can be moulded out of polystyrene to protect the product, which can be anything from a white appliance to fruit. In this case the consumption of local products can eliminate large amounts of packaging.
Removal/recycling of packaging
Vendors/manufacturers should be held responsible for the removal of packaging for products they sell. This can be enforced quite easily for delivered products, but becomes more complicated for smaller items that are bought across the counter.

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