Sustainable Earth

Sustainability Issue: Pollution other than plastic
Solution Suggested: Alternate Packaging
Short Explanation Paper and cardboard pollution are not as bio-degradable as it might seem.
Full reason for rating.
Paper and cardboard
Some old telephone books were found in landfill dumps 50 years after they were dumped and most of the pages were still readable. It seems paper takes much longer to degrade than was initially thought. So it might not be such a good form of alternate packaging.
Preservation Chemicals
Soft drinks are preserved with CO2 or S02 gas. These gasses get released as the bottle is opened. Moving to reduce `sparkling` drinks will limit the use of these gasses and require less air-tight containers.
Reduce recyclable materials from ending up in landfill.
Many containers, such as aluminium and glass, end up in landfill. These products are ideal for recycling, but it costs less to manufacture new containers than to recycle the old containers. Some containers does not even need re-manufacture, it could be cleaned/sterilised and re-used.
Selecting better forms of packaging
In many cases the material used for packaging can be changed with only a marginal impact on presentation.

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