Sustainable Earth

Sustainability Issue: Water Security 
Solution Suggested: Alternate Food Sources
Short Explanation Some alternate food sources will have no impact, but plants, such as soya, will require additional irrigation and add to the need for more water resources.
Full reason for rating.
Types of alternate food
The impact of alternate food supplies on water resources will depend on the type of alternate food resources.
Processed Insects
This will require deliberately encouraging insect population increase. Most insects are quite difficult to contain, e.g. grasshopper plagues. This will require huge containment areas, with plants or other forms of food for the insects. If the insects need plant food, this will need water, putting more pressure on water resources.
Plant based protein
Requires more farm land to cultivate the crops and more water to irrigate the crops. If they escape, it could cause a major disaster for natural crops and wildlife.

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