Sustainable Earth

Sustainability Issue: World Population
Solution Suggested: Alternate Food Sources
Short Explanation The only impact alternate food sources will have is to retain current population growth, which is unsustainable.
Full reason for rating.
The rate at which the world population is growing, the shortage of food is a growing reality that will have to be addressed. There are only 2 options: a) Alternate food sources, or b) Population reduction.
Alternate Food Sources
This will be the most likely option selected by politicians and scientists. It is not the best solution by a long way, but it is the one politicians think they can sell to the voters and it is the one that will allow scientists to make money. So, in the near future be prepared to eat crickets and worms as a protein source and say goodbye to steaks and meat sausages.
Population Reduction
This option will be unpopular amongst scientists, politicians and economists as, instead of making money from the problem, it will reduce their profits. Implementation will also cause some problems as people consider breeding an inalienable right. This right will have to come with restrictions like 1 or 2 children per family. To allow for families splitting up, it would seem that each person should be allowed 1 child, which means a family unit can have 2 children. Once a person has had a child the person would not be allowed to have another child in a new family unit without incurring penalties. I can already hear the screams of `creating a two tier system` for families where the wealthy will be able to afford the penalties. For this I have no solution yet.

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