Sustainable Earth

Sustainability Issue: Plastic Pollution
Solution Suggested: Reduce Population
Short Explanation  Although population reduction is not the only way to reduce plastic pollution, it is the option that will definitely reduce this form of litter.
Full reason for rating.
Direct impact
The reduction of the population will have a direct impact on the amount of plastic pollution. No other option will have as much of a direct impact on this form of pollution.
Increase in overall wealth of people
As the general income of people increase, they will generate more plastic waste. Low income families will reuse plastic bags, while richer families will just discard them. Having a `latte` at the coffee shop is the choice of richer people, while poorer people cannot afford it. These `lattes` generate a mountain of disposable cups or drinks bottles (bottled water). These are all single use plastics that end up in landfill. Fewer people = fewer people that can afford a `latte` or bottled water.
Impact on cleanup
Smaller populations will make the cleanup of waste much easier and require much smaller areas of landfill.

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