Sustainable Earth

Sustainability Issue:  Pandemics
Solution Suggested: Reduce Population
Short Explanation A reduction in population should reduce the spread as it will reduce the size of city populations and the amount of travel between areas.
Full reason for rating.
Pandemics were natures solution to reducing populations, but medical advances have blunted the effect. Smaller populations reduce the amount of interaction and so reduce the spread of disease.
The current Covid-19 pandemic has brought the development and distribution of vaccines into sharp focus. Governments have given pricate companies hugh amounts of money to research and develop vaccines. The only vaccine that reciprocated by providing its vaccine at cost plus a small margin is Astra-Zeneca. The other pharmaceutical companies have made record profits from the vaccines and treatments.
Who ended up paying the bills
Even though most countries vaccinate their people for free, the consumers carry the cost of the development of the vaccines and the distribution through taxes. The argument is that companies will not develop vaccines under pressure if they will not make profits afterwards. Astra-Zeneca proved that this is not the case. By involving universities and private companies the goals can be achieved. After the pandemic is over there should be an investigation inot whether there were kickbacks to people in power.

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