Sustainable Earth

Sustainability Issue: Food Security
Solution Suggested: Reduce Population
Short Explanation Reducing the population will allow food security without expansion of farming etc.
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Reduction in demand for food resources
The reduction of the population will reduce the demand for foods. It must be noted that the food demands of developing countries will increase as their disposable income increases. This poses a threat to food security all of its own.

Local farming and fishing
Currently many communities, that lived off fishing and local farming, are gradually being deprived of living in their traditional way and will have to move to a different food regime. This will place an even higher demand on food resources. Many of these people move to cities to survive. We also have mass migration to places like Europe and the United States, to improve the chances of survival - in many cases it is not just for a better life.
Alternate Food
The world already have a situation where food programs are in place to support countries suffering from drought and conflicts. This will continue to get worse as time goes on and could very well result if `food wars`. Moving to alternate food sources will only kick the can down the road. The population has to be kept at a sustainably level: 2.5 to 5 billion people.

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