Sustainable Earth

Sustainability Issue: World Population
Solution Suggested: Reduce Population
Short Explanation The elephant in the room. Reducing population will be difficult and politically unpopular.
Full reason for rating.
The easy way out without consequences
Politically the `Global Warming` lobby, to reduce carbon emissions, is the easy way out for the politicians and scientists. It creates wealth for the wealthy and nobody will be held responsible for the huge amounts of money wasted. The businesses that made a killing to `go green` will still have made their profits, and the consumer will have no comeback on those who promoted and wasted the money. All these `experts`, including the IPCC, should be required to sign a contract that would allow a class action law suit against them, if it turns out they were wrong. At least it would provide the consumer with some comeback in the future.
Reduction in Population
This will be the unpopular choice as it will mean lower profits for companies, lower tax income for governments, but will not cost the consumer anything. As can be seen fro all the other columns in this table, it benefits the entire spectrum of problems created by man. And nobody wants to talk about it. I watched a `The Press Preview` on Sky News where Mz Boniface was one of the reviewers and when she raised over-population, it was amazing to see how quickly she was shut down. It seems that the media, governments, companies and many other lobbies are in cahoots as far as sustainability of human life on earth is concerned. Even David Attenborough has changed his tune and now promotes the reduction in emissions as the solution to sustainability. I guess he know which side his bread is buttered; if he persisted with his views on overpopulation he would not have got any further programs from the BBC.
The Vocabulary
It is amazing how the vocabulary has changed; initially the difference between natural climate change and man made (anthropogenic) climate change was quite clear when it was discussed. Gradually `Climate Change` always meant man made climate change. When the weather behaves in a fashion, like the coldest winter in the Antarctic in history in 2020, that does not suit the agenda, then it is called weather. Any event that could possibly be attributed to climate change is labelled `Climate Change`.
What do we know for definite
The ` scientists` can model, speculate, discuss and predict, but none of what they say is definite. The only thing we know that is 100% true, is that the world is overpopulated and the only way to save an environment in which humans (and animals) can survive, is to reduce the population. At the rate of current population growth, we will make the earth inhabitable for sure.

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