Sustainable Earth

Sustainability Issue:  Transport
Solution Suggested: Reduce Population
Short Explanation  Traffic Congestion will be reduced because there wll be fewer vehicles on the road.
Full reason for rating.

The reduction of population will mean no additional demands for infrastructure expansion. Existing infrastructure will carry less load and, as an example, roads will last much better as they will carry less traffic. The requirement for road network expansion will be reduced and the money saved could be used for better maintenance of existing roads.
Congestion Congestion on the roads will be reduced, without having to introduce `Congestion Taxes` and other similar ways to alleviate congestion.
Who makes money
The sad reality is that this will not be a popular proposition as nobody is going to make money by implementing population reduction. To the contrary, most companies and governments will have smaller revenues. So do not expect the press or governments to promote population reduction.
Public Transport
Population reduction will most likely cause an increase in the cost of public transport because of reduced passenger numbers. The more `exotic` forms of travel will, most likely, increase the most for example air travel.
A reduction in population will have a big impact on globalisation as the need for massive distribution networks for food and other commodities will be seriously reduced. This is a good thing as the dependence of supply chains was highlighted by the breakdown and subsequent shortages of foodstuffs, electronic parts and the like in 2021. More localisation will be good for local economies and small businesses in local areas. This will have an improvement in the support of products as the point of sale will be close the the producer.

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