Sustainable Earth

Sustainability Issue: Wars
Solution Suggested: Reduce Population
Short Explanation A reduction in population will reduce the demand for resources and so reduce the motivation to go to war.
Full reason for rating.
The reasons for going to war
Most wars are triggered by religion, control of resources, political ideologies and megalomaniacs. Recent wars were mainly caused by ideology and oil resources. However, as the world population grows the demand on resources will become the main driver for wars. It will most likely not be oil, but will be food and water. The only way to avoid this trigger is a reduction in the world population in all countries, rich and poor.
The politics
The media and polticians, mainly driven by their reliance on money from big business, have no desire to address this issue, so it will only get resolved by a natural disaster or a war started accidentally. Either of these events will have to wipe out half the current population of the world unless we do something about it. Either a natural disaster or a war is a horrible thought nad will be much more inhumane than birth control.

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