Sustainable Earth

Sustainability Issue: Famines
Solution Suggested: Reduce Population
Short Explanation Most famines are caused by conflicts. Fewer people will reduce the number of conflicts. A further cause is areas with more people than the resources can support.
Full reason for rating.

Over population of areas.

An area can only support a finite number of people. This will vary depending on available resources. Many areas are over populated and depend on international aid to survive. This means that if the populations are not reduced the problem will be propagated to the next generation. The media make the situation worse by always showing children when they highlight any of these famine areas. It is fine to provide aid to these areas on the condition that they do their bit by reducing their birth rate. The days when families had to have many children to compensate for the early death of many of the children has passed, so everybody can participate in reducing birth rates.
Famine in war zones have always been part of war. In many cases restrictions on food have been part of the war effort in an attempt to starve the enemy into submission. This is still used today by richer nations to influence the outcome of civil orders in countries by applying sanctions or freezing assets. Hopefully a reduction in population in countries will reduce the need to go to war for territory or resources.There will, of course , always be the megalomaniacs that will go to war to further their own interests or philosophies. Unfortunately this applies to many world leaders.

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