Sustainable Earth

Sustainability Issue: Global Warming
Solution Suggested: Reduce Population
Short Explanation If climate change is caused by humans, reducing population should proportionally reduce the human impact.
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Should the scientists assertion that climate change is caused by humans be correct, reducing the world population will have a direct and proportional impact on climate change. There seems to be a wide range of estimations of the population the earth can sustainably support. It ranges between 2.5 billion and 5 billion. The current population (2021) is close to 8 billion and still growing at an alarming rate, estimated by to over 10 billion by 2050.
How to reduce the population
This is the elephant in the room. None of the `Elite`, political or otherwise, want to talk about this for fear of not being elected again or being branded `inhumane`. The human race is behaving a bit like a virus; it is poisoning its host, where a little bit of responsibility can make it a symbiotic co-existence. The only country that have made an attempt to reduce its population is China and it has been called all sorts of names for doing this.
Instead of encouraging large families with tax allowances and child benefits, governments should start punitive regimes for families larger than 4 (2 parents with 2 children). This will reduce the population as, according to statistics this should result in a replacement rate of around 1.7. In the meantime preparations should be made in case the predictions come true and the weather threatens our existence.

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