Sustainable Earth

Sustainability Issue: Pollution other than plastic
Solution Suggested: Reduce carbon emissions
Short Explanation Currently most rubbish is dumped in landfill. Some rubbish is burned and very little is actually recycled. Burning produces `greenhouse gasses`.
Full reason for rating.
Overall impact
This precludes the burning of rubbish as it creates `greenhouse gasses`, so it has no positive effect on reducing any other form of pollution. Rubbish dumped into landfill produces `greenhouse gasses` while decomposing.
Alternatives to burning non-recyclable rubbish
There are no alternatives that I am aware of. The solution will have to be reducing the amount of rubbish produced. This could be through alternate packaging and actually recycling the recyclable rubbish.
Nuclear waste
Nuclear power generation is now becoming a favoured solution to provide a stable source of electricity. This is an even bigger concern, because of the spent fuel from nuclear power plants. No acceptable way exists to get rid of this waste. Currently it is encased in concrete and dumped into the ocean, where eventually the concrete will deteriorate and allow this highly toxic waste to escape.
Lithium Pollution
The use of electric cars require batteries. These batteries are typically based around Lithium. There currently is very limited recycling of these Lithium Batteries; around 1% (2021). So these batteries are currently dumped as waste.

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