Sustainable Earth

Sustainability Issue: Food Security
Solution Suggested: Reduce carbon emissions
Short Explanation This is in conflict with food security as an increase in food production will require an increase in farming.
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Alternate Food
Food security will become a bigger and bigger problem as the world population grows. Research is being done to find alternate food sources, but whether the people will accept these alternatives is another matter. Changing our protein intake to eating worms and crickets rather than a beef steak certainly does not seem attractive, no matter how well it is disguised.
However, some alternative will have to be found if CO2 emissions must be reduced and more land cannot be turned into agriculture.

Elimination of Animal Protein
Most of alternate food production research is targeted at eliminating animal farming. Switching to plant based protein seems to be the science solution to getting rid of animal farming. However, as we have seen, the increase cost and shortage of natural gas used to produce fertiliser and CO2, that puts bubbles in our soft drinks, caused havoc (October 2021).

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