Sustainable Earth

Sustainability Issue: Democracy
Solution Suggested: Reduce carbon emissions
Short Explanation The very narrow view of the threat to a habitable earth for humans and animals seem to indicate that special interest groups make a serious dent into democracy where the governments should be from the people for the people.
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From the people to the People
The intense focus on carbon reduction, ignoring all the other threats to the environment, seems very suspicious. Many companies and individuals will make a lot of money from de-carbonisation. Many of the initiatives get subsidies from governments and even the governments concede that the cost of energy to the consumer will be higher. So they take tax-payer money, give it to companies to develop the `green` technologies and then the same tax payers have to pay the companies more for the `green` energy. On top of this, it seems the `green` energy is not so green causing Lithium and other rare earth mineral pollution.

The campaign to de-carbonisation highlights the farce we call democracy.

Politicians and scientists are all in it to make a quick buck. That is why the timetables for de-carbonisation is so short; before 2050. That leaves no time to evaluate the correctness of the predictions and by the time it proves to be incorrect, the damage to the consumer/taxpayer will have been completed and virtually irreversible.
Accepting responsibility
Nobody will be held accountable if all of these `green` movements prove to be wrong. The public should insist that the `scientists` and politicians that promote the ` green` movement and de-carbonisation enter into a contract with the people whereby they will be held financially responsible for the damage they caused (and the profits they made) if it all turns out to be false and that humans cannot influence the climate.
Publish scientist and climate activists holdings in `green` companies.
A good start will be to have all holdings by climate activists and politicians and scientists in `green` companies, that stand to make a lot of money from de-carbonisation, to be published. This might give an indication of motivation. I do believe there are some out there that do not expect to make money, but strongly believe that we can `save the earth`. All I can say to all these activists is that millions of years from now, the existence of humans on earth, will merely be a blip in the history of the earth. Humans will no longer exist but the earth will fine. Nothing we do will `save the earth`. At most most we might extend the period of human habitation.

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