Sustainable Earth

Sustainability Issue:  Transport
Solution Suggested: Reduce carbon emissions
Short Explanation Reduces mobility for consumers. Very lucrative for business. Might not even have any impact on climate.
Full reason for rating.
 Who carries the cost?
The cost will be carried by the consumer in high initial purchase price of vehicles, high energy cost in recharging and replacing batteries. And this might be of no benefit in reducing climate change. But business, the scientists and governments as well as climate change activists will have made their fortunes and not be held accountable; the politicians will no longer be in power, the scientists retired and business will have banked their profits.
No country has the electrical infrastructure to support replacing all fossil fuel powered devices electrical power. The mere cost of providing the infrastructure for charging points all over the countries will be enormous. Whereas it was practical to have petrol stations centrally to fill up fuel because it only took a few minutes, the same does not apply when charging the batteries on a car. It will require each household to have its own charge point. The electrical distribution networks will not be able to copy with additional distribution. Currently most houses have mains electricity allowing 60 amps per house (2021) and this is based on not all households demanding 60 amps all the time; this service provision will have to increase its distribution significantly. And guess who will carry the cost: the tax payer.
 The impact on the mobility of the population
Long trips in private transport will be impractical as charging the batteries will increase journey times by a significant amount of time. This will force people onto public transport, controlled by governments at  prices that could be totally arbitrary.
 The impact on motorcycles
These become impractical for all but short trips. There range is less than 200km and quick recharge times, if you can find a suitable recharge point, is 90 minutes. Yet another pleasure removed from the general public.
The impact on the `elite`
They will be above all this as was proven by COP26; They all arrived on their private jets instead of meeting over zoom, which is what they would have done if they were serious about contributing to their campaign. Elon Musk and Bezos start their space tourism where the energy for one trip could have been used to travel 1000s of kilomters in a car. This all stinks of hiprocasy.

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