Sustainable Earth

Sustainability Issue: Famines
Solution Suggested: Reduce carbon emissions
Short Explanation Rise in cost of living and availability of affordable food will be aggravated by the higher cost of energy, resulting in many more poorer people falling below the poverty line.
Full reason for rating.
Food Distribution
Globalisation has the local production of food to become almost non-existent. This means that food is transported long distances to reach consumers. To reduce carbon emissions these food chains will have to be reduced, leaving areas / countries that have populations that cannot be sustained by local food production with food shortages and possibly famine.
Cost of living impact
The reduction of `greenhouse gasses` demands the removal of coal and other fossil fuels from the energy mix. This will have a serious impact on the cost of energy as coal is, at the moment(2021), the cheapest energy available.Wind and solar energy sources are not a 24/7 solution, so it will have to be supplemented with nuclear or some other form of reliable 24/7 energy.The target of 2050 to reach net zero CO2 emissions cannot be achieved, as a nuclear power station takes around 30 years to commission. 
Acceptance by population
The people have been conditioned to be totally against nuclear power stations for decades. Now all of a sudden, nuclear power is promoted as a `clean` energy source. No justification has been provided on why nuclear is now such a great energy source.
Not In My Backyard
The next problem is to find a place to build these power stations. Even though some people that accept nuclear as the alternate to coal, they will be anti-nuclear if such a power station will be built close to where they live.€

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